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Bible Plans 2019 and Playoffs

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First Show

19 Jan 2019

Jamokc86 Video of the day

Young Noah-Feeling Baller

Jamokc86 Song of the day

Deraj - Vibe ft. Eric Heron & Bree Kay

Artists Spotlight of the Week - Deraj

The DMV-raised, Orlando-based performer completed his third EP "Goodish" under RMG, following his 2016 EP, "For the People," with B. Cooper and 2014 debut "Mirrors and Medicine." His unique, well received sound has resulted in features on national media outlets such as NBC’s America’s Got Talent, footwear retailer Journeys, as well as major sporting events including NCAA, NBA Finals, NFL and ESPN’s First Take. For more visit justderaj.com

NBA Highlights

Top ten plays 15 Jan 2019

NBA discussion

Harden Usage rate

NFC Championship Preview

NFC Championship Game: Rams vs Saints Sunday; Who wins? - First Things First


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Some sports programs are tough to bare with frequent arguments and the music selections. Our program is published weekly right here in Oklahoma City with a focal point on a joyful noise to the Lord of Hosts from the hip-hop community.

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* Hip-Hop

*The 3 B's

-Basketball, Boxing, Baseball


*Local sports in Oklahoma

*Fatherhood and Family

The History of Our Station


JamOkc86 is the action of a dream manifested. We believe in a healthy balance in life and  positive fellowship. This is a haven for all regardless of denomination, social status, and personal struggles. Thank you for letting us in your life to fill your time with a unique form of worship.

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